About JINA

Welcome to the home of Jamkhed International North America (JINA)

JINA’s main objective is to promote & support comprehensive community-based primary health care (CC-BPHC) worldwide.


JINA’s purpose is..

  • to promote the philosophy, principles and practice of the Jamkhed ‘model’ in North America and worldwide.
  • to promote and support the work of CRHP, Jamkhed.
  • to support community programs based on Jamkhed principles worldwide.
  • to promote and support Jamkhed Institute in different parts of the world, training leadership in CBPHC.
  • to encourage and nurture health & development students and professionals to incorporate this approach into their work


JINA’s activities include:

  • Learn about the Jamkhed ‘model’
  • Facilitate visits to Jamkhed
  • Share information with others working in health and development
  • Conduct seminars and workshops
  • Provide consultant and technical assistance services
  • Network people who support the Jamkhed model
  • Support the work of the CRHP and other community health programs in North America and worldwide.